Continuing an Application, Checking Application Status, or Uploading Additional Documents

To check the status of your application or to respond to our request that you upload additonal documents, please click on the link below to take you back to your application.  You will need the original email address you used and password you created when you created the Application .

There will be one of four Loan Status conditions indicated:

  1. In Process  - In Process means just that, you have started the process, which can go as fast as 1 day from initial submittal to SBA approval. From the, it will take a few days for the loan documents to be prepared and emailed to you.  If we need documents, we will contact you via email, with a link it email to securely upload documents. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL DOCUMENTS TO US.  Also, please do not call or email to ask the status of your application, that only slows the process for everyone.
  2. Approved - Approved means that the application and all supporting documents have been reviewed and nothing is lacking.  This means it has been approved for submittal to the SBA for a loan guarantee, which happens the same day.  It does not mean it has been approved by the SBA nor the lender. Once the SBA the lender have approved, you will be notified and the preparation of the closing documents started.
  3. Declined - Declined means that we have determined that your application does not meet the standards of the PPP loan program. The major reason for declines is the failure to document the payroll that support the amount of the loan claimed. The decision on the loan is determined by your ability to docment your payroll and related expenses; it is not based on credit.
  4. Withdrawal  - You have withdrawn the application.

If the Application cover page says "View / Edit Application" then you are able to view and make changes to what has previously been entered and upload additional documents.  If the cover page says "Locked" then you may view the Application, but not make changes nor upload documents.  Email to request the Application be unlocked.

In the Application, additional documents are uploaded under the 5th tab: Documents.  Please be descriptive when entering the document name.  Do NOT specify a password for a document.

We have recently added helpful guidance on completing the application, specific information you will need depending on entity type, and advice on specific "nits" that will help your application be accepted at the SBA.  Click on the Advice button below to review this new information.