The PPP Application

The Start a PPP Application link below is for starting the PPP Application. If you have already started an application, please do not start another. Click on the "Continue An Application" button at the bottom of this page to check on the status of an application or add documents that we may have requested. 

Based on our experience since the start of the PPP application process, we have gained some insight on how to successfully navigate the application form and submit information in a way that will be accepted by the SBA in approving the guarantee for a PPP loan.

We have organized our advice in three sections:

Section A - How to navigate the application form.

Section B - Specific advice for each of the three entity types:  for-profit businesses with employees, self-employed, and non-profits.

Section C - Additional advice about how to present and format information that will be accepted by the SBA PPP portal.

To continue with starting a new PPP application, click on the blue button below.

If you have already started a PPP application, DO NOT START ANOTHER APPLICATION.  If you do, it will delay your first application.  You can click on the green button to enter your previous application to add or change information, if necessary.