Section A - A Guide to Completing the PPP Application

We have prepared this guide to help you complete the online application.  If you are careful, you can successfully complete it in 20 to 30 minutes.  If you try to rush through it, you will find it to be very frustrating.  This form was put into production in less than a week, the time the SBA had to spin up the program.  A few important points follow.

  • There is no guarantee that you will be able to correctly complete the application and provide the required documentation prior to the PPP funds running out again.  We have gone to great lengths (including standing up the high-speed connection to SBA) to help assure applicants thorough this site have their applications delivered to the SBA promptly.  However, the largest burden is on you to compete the application correctly and attach the right documents.
  • You need to respond promptly if we ask for additional information.  Speed is important.

Please Read This Before Starting the Application

Answer each question and fill in each field, even if it says it is not required -- many fields are required, but are not marked as such.  It is most important that you press "Save" at the bottom of each page before pressing "Next" to move on.

The form is very sensitive to incomplete or not properly formatted fields.  A red box appears at the end of form, not on the tab page where the error occurs, indicating a required field was not answered. 

This error frequently occurs under the 4th tab, “Additional Info” where there is a large section called “Contact Information (Optional)” that is not really optional.  If you have clicked anywhere in that section, each field has to be filled out. In addition, the check box at the bottom must be selected, which brings up a form that has an “Accept” button at the bottom. If all of this is not done, the red arrow box comes up.  You can determine on which page the error occurs by examining the blue line under the tab name at the top.  If a portion of the blue line is red, there is an error on that page.  

Please make a note of the user ID and password you used to log into the system.  If you are asked to provide additional information, or want to check on the status of the application, you will log back into the application.  See the button for this purpose on the PPP-Apply site where you started the application.

Please click on the "Save" button at the bottom of each page. If you click on "Next" without saving, some of your data will be lost.  These errors do not show up until you try to move from the Contact Information page, which may or may not have the errors.  See the instructions above about how to find the missing data.